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arizona home loans arizona home loans arizona home loans
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Arizona 97% Home Loan

Do not get discouraged, owning your own home is possible. Bad Credit does not mean you can't own the home of your dreams. There are many programs available to help you rebuild your credit and loans to fit your needs. You are not alone in this, there are a vast amount of Americans that have fallen into debt. But in order to see the light, you must take action now! First, we would like to suggest that you acquire a copy of your credit report. Identify an issues that may need to be disputed, and report even the smallest of errors. Also you need to be aware that the only ones who can permanently remove the debt from your record are the credit bureau or the creditor. There are scams out there, so make sure that you are dealing with a processional. Buying a home is a worthwhile long-term goal, repairing your credit is a short-term goal.

We have many programs that can help you.
  • As little as a favorable 12-month rental history required.
  • An affordable 3% down payment - only 1% needs to be from your own funds and the balance can come from a gift or other sources.
  • 100% of the closing costs can come from a gift or other sources.
  • Less income required - expanded debt ratios make it easier to qualify.
  • Fixed rate financing - enjoy the security of knowing what your monthly payment will be for the life of the loan.

If you have any questions about a Arizona 97% Home Loan Program or any other loan, please feel free to contact us at today to get in touch with an Arizona loan consultant. We have cut the middle man and large corporate overhead to bring you the best possible Arizona home loan rates and lowest fee.

Thank you, for your interest in Arizona 97% Home Loan.


arizona home loans
arizona home loans arizona home loans arizona home loans
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